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One look at him, told me
We're meant to be.
One smile from him, made me
Happy and glee
One word from his shows
That he cares for me
One kiss from him,
Conquers me totally.
I thought these are for fun
And he was just a friend of mine
Like everyone who finds of
I didn't he is the one.

I Learned To love You
My heartbeat so fast, when you hold me tight
My heart smile, for the precious words you've hide
You've struggle hard and wait my love
Each time I spent, I often hold my breath
To listen the feelings of my heartbeat
Remembering those days we've first meet.
How many times we've been apart
The presence of yours, still in heart
You've unexpressive eyes remind me,
How true is your love
As it shows me the sincerity of your feeling inside
I realized to open this imprison heart
And loved the guy, since then longed
My worthy love.
Now I'm sure this feelings of mine, a love that never lie
For the feelings I cant see you
The more I miss you
That's how I know, as I learned
To love you.

Only love makes us happy
Only love makes us cry
If love bears love dares
Its always we ever hears
For love alone we used to live
And love alone we have to forgive
Unto love makes people lonely
Yet, still hope love for a day
Romeo and Juliet died for love
Jack and Rose fought for love
For love is forever and so immortal.

You teach me right from what is wrong
And you've always makinf me strong
You give all the happines
When you saw all the sadness.
I want to repair all the things
I want to sorry for what it brings
Promise to be good
So to understood.
MAMA I loved you
And I always do
My best friend is you
You should always know.

You may not have the blonde hair
Lips so sweet and skin so fair
An eyes that dares
But a heart that cares
You may not have the beauty
That every man desires
But your innocence and honesty
Is something that inspires
You may not have thousands of gold
But riches unfold...
You may not have thousands fans and friends
But one thing is for sure you have a friend
A friend to be there 'till the end
A friend who doesn't have to pretend
Who could it be???
That ME........

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I've just recall,
The moments when were together
Those finest days
We smiled with each other
I've been thinking of,
The things we used to do
So in return,
I wrote this poem for you.......
All memories we've shared together
Those laughter and tears
All trials took that strengthened us
Will always be in my heart
All memories we've shared together
Is a treasure of our lives
So when we see each other again
We might recall
Our beautiful days.